Brain Breaks DVD

Hop 2 It Music


Our Brain Breaks DVD for kids is full of brain breaks to get kids moving, exercising, dancing, singing & getting those wiggles out with active learning.

This DVD includes twelve different action-packed brain breaks songs and videos that will engage your young children immediately and give them movement oriented brain breaks that they need.

These brain breaks songs include super fun nursery rhymes, fitness activities, creative movement songs, repeat after me songs, the Tooty Ta, dramatic play and more.

This Brain Breaks DVD shows me moving, dancing and exercising as a group of children follow along. Your children can easily sing and follow along. Brain Breaks is a DVD that will motivate and direct your children to get up and move!

Studies have shown that scheduling brain break activities throughout the day can really help your children be more productive and fell more relaxed. Moving your body with appropriate movements and exercise increases blood flow in the brain and body and in turn helps with concentration and learning.

Many of these brain break songs and music videos include crossover the mid-line movements which strengthen those brain and body connections.

These great brain breaks songs also help children develop their listening and following direction skills.

Wheels on the Bus Rap is a positive brain breaks slant on an old favorite.  This brain breaks video will have your kids engaged in positive interactions and movements for all the characters on the bus.

Dancing Star  is a get up and move brain breaks video.  Dancing gets the body and brain connections going  in a fun energizing way.  Take a brain break, dance and get back to learning.

Boom Chicka Boom is a brain breaks video that is full of alliteration and rhyming words.  This video is full of fun movements and dramatic play as students  engage in the fun story line of each of the characters.

A Beautiful Day is a positive brain breaks way to start the day.  This video has students realizing all the beauty that surrounds us each day. In a stressful world this video has us focusing on the positives.

Bo Diddley Bop is a fun movement, brain breaks video.  Students will rhyme, move and groove to this upbeat brain breaks video.

Hip-Hop Tooty Ta is a hip hop version of an old favorite in this brain breaks video. The movements and lyrics are a building pattern that always comes back to tooty ta.  

Get Up to Get Down is a brain breaks video that will get everyone up off their feet and following the dance moves in this brain break video.

Around the World is a great stretching brain breaks video.  Follow Jack as he stretches Around the World.

The Bop Stop is a brain break freeze video.  Follow Jack’s directions and when he says, “Do the Bop Stop” freeze.

Peanut Butter & Jelly is a brain break video of this classic chant. Pick the peanuts, grind them and spread them.  Pick the berries, smoosh them, spread them and enjoy your sandwich.

Humpty Dumpty Rap is a modern rap of this traditional nursery rhyme. Rap it out in this brain break video. Humpty Dump, Hump Humpty Dumpty Dump.