Movin' With Jack DVD

Hop 2 It Music

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For ages 2 to 7 years

Movement Songs to Strengthen Classroom Learning.

Shows all the movements to nine (9) of Jack’s popular songs. Jack and his Hop 2 It Band, outstanding classroom teachers and a wonderful multi-cultural group of children show how to sing and move to nine (9) of Jack’s popular learning songs.

1. Let’s Get Fit Counting to 100 by 1’s
2. Dancin’ 2’s Counting to 100 by 2’s
3. Humpty Dumpty Rhyming Awareness
4. We Are a Family Character Education (learning sign language)
5. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta Listening, Following Directions, Body Coordination
6. Wheels On The Bus Rap Language Development
7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Rhyming Awareness
8. The Silly Pirate Song Sequencing and Story Re-telling
9. Workout to the Letter Sounds Learning Letter Sounds and Exercising