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Ages 5 to10 

A variety of early childhood skills

Follow A Dream has a wide diversity of children’s songs for early childhood learning.  It includes 20 educational songs on topics; starting the day, addition, Dinosaurs, sea life, self-esteem, The Olympic Games, farm animals, Peace, kindness, friendship, child advocacy, personal safety, nutrition, exercise and nursery rhymes.

These children’s songs are wonderful for the preschool and primary classrooms, home schoolers or for traveling.  Every song is musically different, beautifully arranged and sung by Jack and a children’s chorus.

Follow a Dream is a great collection of children’s songs for sing along fun and learning.

Spread a Little Sunshine is a happy, positive upbeat start the day song that engages children in fun, simple movements and repeat after me singing.  It has a message of self-esteem and that each child can shine their special light every day.  It’s a great sing along song and a wonderful way to start the day.

5 Big Dinosaurs is a fun dinosaur subtraction fingerplay song counting from 5 to 0.  It’s a great song to use at circle time to help focus the children and practice some basic subtraction and number skills.

Dinosaur Stomp if your children love dinosaurs or even just dancing they’ll love to move and dance and have fun doing this dinosaur dance.  Use the song as a fun brain break and get some exercise and physical activity.  Classroom teachers and physical education teachers can use this song quickly and easily.

Swim to the Top is a sea-life self-esteem and movement song that children really love to do.  It engages children in gross motor movements and singing along.  Also, they learn about the different movements the different animals in the sea do as they live under the sea.

Sports Dance is a great “brain break” because of all the dancing and movement.  Children do dancing and movement.  Children do sport dances and are actively engaged in gross motor movement.  Children get to stretch, jump, swim, pump and more sports moves.  Great for fitness, exercise, physical education and brain breaks.

The Olympic Games teaches children about the history and the purpose of the Olympic Games.

A Place On the Farm use this song to support teaching a form unit or science unit helping children to learn about the habitats of each animal.  It offers a lot of information about animal habitats, their behaviors and their sounds.

PEACE is a peacemaking version of the children’s classic BINGO.  It includes many positive messages of peace that children can easily understand.  Children clap as one letter is taken out for each verse so they develop an awareness of the letters in the word peace.  They, of course, spell the word peace so language skills are also developed in this social skills song.

Peace Soup is a creative song focusing on kindness, friendship, diversity, positive touching and stirring up some Peace Soup.  Children can discuss all the things each day people can do to bring more peace to the world.

One Voice for Children is a child advocacy song to promote reaching out to children’s needs and helping them grow healthy, strong and having self-esteem.

Give It Your Best (Be the Best You Can Be) supports and reinforces children to always do their best and work together with others.  Social skills, self-esteem, perseverance, believing in yourself are all positive messages in this song.  It’s a wonderful singalong with such a positive message.  You can play this song as children are playing or working.

My Body’s a Friend to Me teaches children about personal care, safety, feelings, self-esteem and protecting their bodies.  It also helps children become aware of dangerous situations and how to handle them.

Good Foods teaches children about good nutrition.  It develops an awareness of lots of good foods to eat and how eating these goods support healthy living. It also engages children in movement and exercise.  This is a great song for any class unit on nutrition and health.

Move Those Muscles A great brain break, exercise, fitness and physical education song.  Children are directed to pull, push, swim, climb, hop and more.

If You’re Happy and You Know It engages children in positive interaction with each other (giving high fives, dancing) .  It also develops social skills by becoming aware of their feelings and what they like to do when they feel happy.

If You’re Angry and You Know It develops the social skill of managing your angry feelings.  The songs tells them some positive choices they can do when they get angry and gives them a chance to think of other positive things to do to channel angry feelings in a appositive way.  Discuss and help children practice choices.

Follow A Dream Use this song to help children learn about the reason for the Olympics.  I love this song, hope you do, too.  Great at Olympics time.

Follow a Dream – Kinder Games same song only with Kinder Games as theme.  You could help children learn more about the Olympics and allow them to compete in some simple fun events and show good sportsmanship.

Itsy Bitsy Spider is an old time rock n’ roll version of this children’s classic.  Children can sing along and dance and do the traditional motions with their hands and arms.  It has a message of self-esteem and perseverance.

Friends sings about friendship, cooperation, helping one another, singing and dancing together.  A great social skills song on friendship.  Children can hold hands and sway on, la, la parts.  Sing together!

Educational Focus:
Self-esteem | Anger Management | Peaceful Problem Solving | Nutrition | Friendship | Dinosaurs | Character Development | Exercise | Sports | The Olympic Games | Farm Animals 


1. Spread a Little Sunshine 11. Be the Best You Can Be
2. 5 Big Dinosaurs
12. My Body’s a Friend to Me
3. The Dinosuar Stomp
13. Good Foods
4. Swim to the Top
14. Move Those Muscles
5. Sports Dance 
15. If You’re Happy and You Know It
6. The Olympic Games
16. If You’re Angry and You Know It
7. A Place on the Farm 17. Follow a Dream
8. Peace
18. Follow a Dream – Kinder Games
9. Peace Soup 19. Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. One Voice for Children 20. Friends