All of Jack’s music is very diverse and respects the diversity of our children and families. His songs include hip-hop, reggae, Latin, country, rock, gospel, Caribbean, African, Native American and pop rhythms and beats.

Let Music Make Learning Fun

Jack sings live and demonstrates fun and creative movements to a wide variety of early childhood topics including: language development and phonological awareness skills, basic math with counting and number skills, spatial awareness, patterning and more. And, fun skillbuilding songs on social and behavioral management are also included. This presentation is very uplifting and interactive and offers a great variety of Jack’s best songs.

Cool Beats to Help Children Read

Literacy, language skills and phonological awareness are the focus of this music and movement program. Jack has over 200 curriculum and researched based songs that offer an engaging, interactive and content – filled workshop to strengthen any reading readiness and reading development program. Only some of the literacy skills included are: rhyming, language play, alphabet recognition, letter and vowel sounds, word families, sight words, beginning sounds, compound words, chunking and more. This session is strong with reading skills and can be adapted to grades K – 2nd.

Movin’ 2 Math

Jack makes math – music and movement fun in this stimulating session. Teachers will learn songs, movements and creative classroom ideas to build the following basic math skills: number awareness and basic counting, patterning, counting forward and backward, calendar skills, sequencing, colors, parts of body, spatial concepts, skip counting and counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, and 10’s, greater and less than and more. This session can be adapted to Pre-K to 1st.

Getting Better at Getting Along

Every classroom will benefit from strengthening their character education and social skills programs with Jack’s songs and activities in this positive and informative workshop. Some of the topics include: friendship and cooperation, building a school family, awareness of feelings, positive choices, positive alternatives to hitting and biting, managing anger, respect, persistence and more.

Rhyming To Read

Rhyming fun for little ones! Jack will sing and demonstrate movements and activities to the coolest versions of the nursery rhymes on the planet! Only some of his hip and fun songs include: Hop-Hop Humpty, the Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider, the absolutely fun Tooty Ta song with a Hip-Hop and Latin Reggaeton rhythm and beat. And, so much more music and rhyming fun; excellent for enhancing language skills in young children.

Cool Beats That Teach

The coolest beats that help teachers teach science, social studies, grammar and test taking

Jack will show how to use the power of today’s music to enhance teaching 2nd to 5th graders the following essential topics: the water cycle, the scientific method, matter, force and motion, six simple machines, math, muscles and bones of the body, states, continents, earth science, nouns, verbs, community and more. Jack also includes two powerful fun activity songs that help your children manage test-taking anxiety and feel more positive about taking tests.

ExerSongs – Music That Makes Fitness Fun

Jack will sing live and demonstrate body and brain building exercises and movements to his 24 new original curriculum-based fitness songs (ExerSongs).

According to the Center for Disease Control and the American Medical Association, 32% of all our children are overweight.

Jack has created these fitness songs with the cool, hip and diverse beats and rhythms kids love. Everyone will be motivated to help our children “move to the music” and have fun exercising! As they move and sing, your children will learn and develop alphabet recognition, letter sounds, word families, number skills, animal and environmental awareness, writing readiness, body awareness, crossover moves and lots more!

Jack's Rockin' Reading Songs

Nationally recognized children's singer, songwriter and educator Jack Hartmann will sing live and present music and movement songs and activities to strengthen your language and literacy programs. Jack will offer a wide variety of musical style and topics that will motivate your children to sing, move and love to learn  essential phonological and language development skills that are so important to become successful readers and engaged learners.  Some of the skills Jack's songs will focus on include: rhyming, beginning sounds, sight words, word families, letter sounds, vowel sounds, alliteration, listening skills, alphabet recognition, signing the alphabet, syllables, fluency skills and reading strategies.  

Teachers will gain lots of great new fun songs, movement and activities in this upbeat session.

Science Songs All Day Long

Spark your science teaching and raise your children's "Sci Q" with the power of music. Jack sings live while presenting a formula that combines the coolest kids' music, brain and body movements, and science topics aligned with the standards. Be entertained as you discover new science songs that teach force and motion, five senses, life cycles, daytime and nighttime, animal habitats, living and nonliving things, and more.

NOTE: All of Jack’s workshops can be adapted to any amount of time and for specific grade levels.

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