Hip-Hop AlphaBop Vol 2 CD

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Ages: 3 - 7 Grades Pre-K to 2nd

Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2 is a collection of brain breaks and literacy songs perfect for any early childhood setting. These songs cover several common core literacy topics such as recognizing the letters of the alphabet, distinguishing long and short vowel sounds, identifying and producing rhyming words, reading high-frequency sight words and more. This CD also includes many fun movement songs that are perfect for providing young children with brain breaks when they need time to refocus and regroup.

This collection of literacy songs is great for use both in the classroom and at home. Teachers can use these songs as transition songs, warm up songs and to introduce or wrap up lessons. Parents can use these songs in the car to review literacy skills and at home to give dance breaks during homework time or to encourage fun physical activity breaks. Children will love learning with these engaging, entertaining and lively songs.

Start This Day With a Song will start your day with a bright melody and a cool beat. Children will sing along as they follow action words to clap, shake and twist. This is a great way to engage both brain and body in getting ready for the day.

Hip-Hop Tooty Ta is a fun, upbeat movement song and is great to use during brain breaks. Children will be completely engaged as they listen carefully and follow the directions. Watch the video: Hip-Hop Tooty Ta

Workout to the Letter Sounds This phonics song engages children’s brains and bodies as they move and sing. Each letter name and sound is clearly stated along with a word that starts with that letter. Students will love learning the alphabet with this active song.

The Silly Pirate Song is a song to engage each child’s brain and body as they listen and move along. They will learn about characters and actions in this fun and active movement song. This will help to develop physical coordination and listening skills. It’s also a fun song to use during brain breaks. Watch the video:The Silly Pirate Song

Jack’s Miss Mary Mack will have all children echoing the rhyming words and word endings as they sing along to this musical twist on the classic nursery rhyme.

The Cowboy Dance is a country line-dance style song that will help children to focus on listening and following directions. In this song, they will listen carefully and mimic the different cowboy movements. This is a great song for brain breaks or for a transition when you need to gather children together.

Make a Rhyme, Make a Move teaches children about rhyming words. Children will hear word pairs and then indicate whether the two words rhyme or don’t rhyme. They will enjoy identifying rhyming words with this engaging movement song.

Move to the Alphabet teaches children about letter size and position. Children use their bodies to show whether the alphabet letters named are tall, small, or fall letters. Tall letters (such as t and h) reach high, small letters (such as a and e) sit on the line, and fall letters (such as y and g) hang below the line. This physical representation can help children as they learn to identify and write these alphabet letters. Watch the video: Move to the Alphabet

The Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider is an upbeat and updated twist on the classic nursery rhyme song. Children will learn about self-motivation, self-esteem and rhyming awareness as they sing and dance with this cool itsy bitsy spider. Watch the video: The Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider

5 Funky Little Monkeys is a hip-hop song about those five mischievous little monkeys jumping on the bed. Children will learn about rhyming words and counting down from 5 as they sing along and act out the actions of the characters.

Hop Over It teaches students the reading strategy of “hopping over” a word that they don’t know. Children will learn to read on and listen for clues in the sentence to help them figure out the unknown word. This song can be done with the students hopping with their whole bodies or by using just one finger to hop over a word. You may wish to display a sentence and use a frog puppet to illustrate the point. This teaches children a handy strategy that they can use whenever they get stuck on a word while reading.

Let’s Make Words is a fun way for children to learn about onset (the beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds) as well as segmenting (stretching out or separating the sounds in words) and blending (putting those sounds back together to say the complete word) as they sing and dance. These are important reading and writing skills. After learning the song, you can shake things up by splitting the class in two and having one group say the onset while the other group gives the rime.

Be a Family of Words will have children clapping, snapping, and tapping as they say rhyming words. This song teaches about the beginning sounds, onsets (the beginning sound) and rimes (the vowel and ending sounds) of words. The words are listed as word families, or words that have the same rime or spelling pattern. Children will also learn that they can make new words in a word family by changing the beginning sound.

Down in the Jungle is an adventure song that focuses on words in the –at family. Children will pretend to explore the jungle as they make movements to match the actions of different words that end with –at. They will put on their hatand roar like a cat as bananas go splat. Explore this word family as you go on a fun jungle adventure.

Groovin Peanut Butter and Jelly teaches children about action words, sequencing and oral language as they dig, crack, and mash peanuts and grapes to create a delicious homemade sandwich. This is a great brain break song to use when your children need to refocus or when you need to gather them together as a group.

Rockin Hip-Hoppin Apples & Bananas is a cool hip-hop update of the traditional children’s song about apples and bananas. Children will learn about long vowels and improve their auditory memory as they sing and change the words using the long a, e, i, o and u vowel sounds.

Popcorn Words teaches children about spelling and reading 4, 5, and 6 letter high-frequency words (also known as sight words) by having them echo the spelling of each word and then saying the word. Be sure to use visuals of each sight word listed in this song to strengthen each student’s sight word recognition skills. This song will help children to read these high-frequency words by sight, a common core expectation.

Words is a language development and vocabulary song that will have children following along as they echo the words and word patterns said in the song. Children will also enjoy making up creative movements to go with each word. This song can be used as an introduction to a vocabulary lesson or as a warm up for reading and writing.

Hand Print On Our Hearts is a teacher appreciation song written by Jack and his wife Lisa, a former kindergarten teacher. This song is the perfect way to honor the retirement of a special teacher, childcare provider or anyone who works with children.

* This CD includes instrumental versions of several songs. These tracks are provided so that you can personalize the lyrics to differentiate your instruction and meet the specific needs of your students. Parents and teachers can also use these tracks to encourage children to be creative and write new lyrics after they’ve learned the original songs. Instrumental tracks are also ideal for student performances.

Educational Focus: Reading & Writing Skills

This is Jack's fantastic follow-up CD to the super successful Hip-Hop AlphaBop. Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2 is just filled with great songs that focus on phonological awareness development, reading & writing skills, rhyming, letter sounds, comprehension, language play, high frequency words, reading strategies. Also, this really cool CD includes a hip-hop versions of the very popular songs Tooty-Ta and Miss Mary Mack. The children just love the hip-hop beat and contemporary sounding music. Teachers and educational dealers have already said Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2 is one of Jack's very best CD's.

1. Start This Day With a Song
2. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta
3. Workout to the Letter Sounds
4. The Silly Pirate Song
5. Jack's Miss Mary Mack
6. The Cowboy Dance
7. Make a Rhyme, Mave a Move
8. Move to the Alphabet
9. The Cool Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. 5 Funky Little Monkeys
11. Hop Over It
12. Let's Make Words
13. Be a Family of Words
14. Down in the Jungle
15. Groovin Peanut Butter and Jelly
16. Rockin Hip-Hoppin Apples and Bananas
17. Popcorn Words (4, 5, & 6 letter)
18. Words
19. Hand Print On Our Hearts
20. Hip-Hop Tooty Ta (open)
21. Workout the the Letter Sounds (open)
22. Make a Rhyme, Make a Move
23. Let's Make Words (open)
24. Move to the Alphabet (open)
25. Hand Print On Our Hearts (open)