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Hop 2 It Music

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Ages 3 to 8 

This wonderful collection of reading songs and language development songs is one of Jack’s bestselling CD’s.  Your children gain phonological awareness as they learn letter sounds, vowel sounds, listening skills, rhyming, beginning sounds, patterns in language, classic fairy tales and lots more.

Children will gain an enjoyment of the language and a knowledge that will help them become better readers.  These songs align to many Language Arts Common Core Standards.

Zip – A – Dee Do – Dah Jack put a new cool beat to this children’s classic because it’s so great to use with your children for beginning sounds, phonological awareness and also, to get your children interacting and having fun together.  Lots of rhyming in this song helps children with their language listening and awareness skills. Practice singing the song, then try singing it again, but change the beginning sound (ie:  w – wip – a – wee wo – wah – wip - a – wee - way) Use any letter or even a blend or digraph.

Party In The Jungle phonological awareness is strengthened in this super popular children’s favorite Jack Hartmann song.  All the animals in the jungle are having a party, dancing, moving and making sounds.  Your children listen to the sounds of each animal and they repeat the pattern of the sounds.  This song has it all – fun, silliness, language development, movement, great jungle music and animals.  It’s been a popular favorite or 30 years!  Your children will enjoy it, too!

3 Little Pigs Groove Jack put a funky musical new twist to this classic children’s folktale.  The story is the same, but the “very hip” music gives it a fresh look and sound.  Children follow the story and can do the movements and sing and act along with the refrain part of the song – (the wolf huffs and puffs and blows the house in.)  Children can act out the story and then strengthen their retelling skills after listening to the song. 

Fuzzy Wuzzy Children develop their phonological awareness (listening skills) singing this new musical version of this traditional tongue twister.  Hear all the z sounds and sing along!

My Silly Zoo  1 One more phonological awareness (listening and hearing the sounds in our language) in this fun animal song.  Children can follow all the action words and move along.  (swinging, pounding chest)

My Silly Zoo 2 same fun song, same phonological awareness skills, but on this one children fill in the blanks.

That’s Rhyming helps children gain a basic understanding of rhyming and encourages them to listen for words that rhyme.

Move to the Sounds Listening for sounds and moving to those sounds is the focus of this song.  Children run, twist, hop, stamp and more as they hear the different sounds.  This is an important reading readiness skill. 

Echo Dance Listening skills, repeating, rhyming and movement are all in one song on Echo Dance.  A great song for developing listening skills and a simple, easy-to-do brain breaks song.

Play With Names engages children in having fun with changing the beginning sounds of their name and the names of others.  This song helps develop phonological awareness by hearing the difference in names as you change the beginning letter.  (Bobby – with a z changes to Zobby)  This version shows you how to use the song with names stated in the song  Version 2 leaves blanks for teachers and parents to put their children’s names in the blanks with the new beginning letter.

Play With Names 2 This open version gives you a chance to put any name in.  Children will have fun hearing how the names change by changing the beginning sound.  This activity really strengthens children’s listening skills. 

Apples and Bananas Listening to the sounds in our language 9 (phonological awareness) and in this song it’s the long vowel sounds.  Children love this all-time favorite so sing it regularly.  It’s a language play song at it’s best for just having fun and hearing those long vowel sounds.

Woodchuck is another tongue twister that highlights the digraph ch (the new sound you get from combining the letters c and h.  And, it also helps children hear the ending sound, too, the k sound.  Sing it and have fun and develop phonological awareness.  Developing phonological awareness in early childhood helps children become better readers as they grow.

Listen to the Sound helps children develop an awareness of hearing sounds in their environment.  This improved awareness and ability to listen carefully can help children become better listeners for all the sounds in our language.  You can extend this skill by making all different sounds (bells, shakers, blocks) or go on the internet and get an album or collection of sounds (different animals, sounds in nature) and your children have to identify the sounds.

Listen to the Sound Same basic song and listening skills, but with new sounds.

Are the Sounds the Same engages children in practicing listening skills and getting them ready to develop their phonological awareness.  Children listen to the variety of sounds and give two thumbs up if they’re the same and two thumbs down if they’re different.

Are the Sounds the Same 2 is the same song, but open-ended so you can put in your own sounds.  Be creative and make up new sounds.

Whether the Weather is another tongue twister helping children hear the repetition of the (w) sound.  It’s a fun language play plus children are learning to listen carefully to the sounds in language.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a classic book and rhyming song focused on the alphabet.  It includes wonderful rhyming which helps develop phonological awareness.  We slowed this song down so children could hear all the rhyming and letters clearly.  Read the book and sing the song, they will reinforce each other, too.  Help your children with alphabet recognition and rhyming.

Let’s Read Together is a song that promotes and encourages reading together.  It sings all about the wonders you can imagine and people and places you can learn about when you read.  This song is about the joys of being readers for life.

The Name Game A super fun language play song using children’s names.  It uses different children’s names and uses their beginning letter sound to change the sound of the silly phrases.  Phonological awareness is strengthened in this song by hearing the change in the beginning sounds. 

The Name Game 2 This version is open-ended so you can put in any child’s name and hear how changing the beginning sound changes the sound of the words.  It’s a fun listening song that’s great for reading readiness.

ABC Samba Sing the ABC’s to a fun Latin beat.  It’s great for alphabet recognition and learning the sequence of the alphabet.  Children can do a little Latin dance to this cool beat, too.

Hands Up for Letter Sounds This is one of my favorite letter sound songs.  It has a beautiful simple Latin rhythm and melody.  The letter sounds are said clearly and accurately for correct learning.  Do a little side to side Latin dance as they say the letter sounds.

Rockin’ Rhymin’ Teddy Bear is all about developing rhyming skills and rhyming awareness.  The Teddy Bear sings rhyming words and your children can sing along and hear all the rhyming words.

Rockin’ Rhymin Teddy Bear 2 is the same fun song, but now Teddy Bear leaves blanks so your children can fill in the rhyming words.  It’s more fun reading readiness and phonological awareness.

Peter Piper A tongue twister with the letter (p).  Your children will really hear all the (p’s) in this children’s classic.

Rap, Clap and Rhyme Rhyming words, listening skills and phonological awareness are all strengthened with this cool song.  Everyone claps when they hear the rhyming words.

Rap, Clap and Rhyme 2 is open ended for you to put in any words that rhyme.

Names in Motion uses children’s names to strengthen listening skills and hearing syllables.  Children hear the name and then the syllables in the name.  Aligns to Common Core Language Skills for development of knowing and hearing the syllables in words.  They clap and pat knees to the syllables in the names.

Names in Motion 2 Say any name and clap or pat to the syllables.

Rock Around and Rhyme 1 Another fun rhyming awareness song.  Give children pictures of things that will rhyme with words I mention.  They practice good listening and identify which picture represents a word that rhymes.

Rock Around and Rhyme 2 Open-ended so you can use any word and picture.  Rhyming awareness is developed.

Butterfly Use this song for highlighting the letter and letter sound for (b) and use for learning about butterfly metamorphosis.  Children can flutter arms and move like butterflies.

Flea or a Fly A tongue twister with hearing the letter (f).  Letter sound (f) and hearing the sound of (f).  We say it clearly and slow so children can follow.

Zip – a – Dee – Doo – Dah Same great song as #1, but here only music so you can use any beginning sound and change the sound of the phrase Zip – A – Dee – Doo – Dah.  And, as before, follow motions and your children will connect with other children and lots of social skills development and fun.

Reading readiness

Jack's follow-up to the tremendously popular Shake, Rattle N' Read is filled with delightfully educational on-target music and movement activities including name games, wordplays,sound awareness and rhyming.

Educational Focus:

  • Early literacy
  • Phonological awareness
  • Language play
  • Sound awareness
  • Auditory development
  • Wordplay
  • Literature appreciation
  • Rhyming skills
  • Sound substitution
  • Letter sounds
  • Alphabet awareness
  • Syllable awareness

This album includes Jack's new Latin-styled letter sound song, "Hands Up for Letter Sounds" a cool Hip-Hop version of Disney's Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and a funky "3 Little Pigs Groove" kid's will love.