Colors All Around CD

Hop 2 It Music

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Ages: 5 -10

Early childhood skills

Educational Focus:

Basic colors, lifecycle of a butterfly, clean up time, weather, cooperation.

This album includes two of Jacks Favorite movement songs, "The Bop Stop" and "Body Magnets".

1. The Bop Stop  9. It’s Cleanup Time
2. Let's Go 10. The Worm Workout
3. Colors All Around 11. Circus On Parade
4. Body Magnets 12. Weather Walk
5. Save the Earth 13.Doin’ Good in the Neighborhood
6. Celebrate America 14. Real Smart Snakes
7. Beautiful Butterfly 15. 4 Seasons
8. I Am a Flower 16. We Share So Much


The Bop Stop is a dance and freeze song that increases children’s listening skills.  Children have to listen carefully for the auditory cue of “do the Bop Stop” to know when to freeze for this fun movement song.

Let’s Go has students moving and energizing their bodies and brain to get ready to start the day and be successful learners.

Colors All Around has children going on a color hunt as they search their room for the specific color named in the song.  When they find an object of the color named they join in the song movement to show they have found an item the color they are looking for.

Body Magnets teaches the principle of magnets having a north pole and south pole that attract to have children connecting specific body parts to connect and magnetize in this fun movement song.

Save the Earth encourages children to help take of our planet Earth.  The land, trees, sky and oceans are our environment and are also habitats for our animals.  Children can act out the movements in this Earth Science Song.

Celebrate America is a patriotic song that celebrates the pride of being an American. Students march, stand tall and feel proud to celebrate our freedoms.

Beautiful Butterfly is a Life Science song that teaches about the life cycle of a butterfly. Children can follow the movements and act out the different stages of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis to becoming a beautiful butterfly.

I Am a Flower is an Earth Science song that teaches about a flower’s life cycle.  Children can act out each part of the cycle as they start out as a tiny seed needing water, soil and sunlight to grow to be able to bloom into a beautiful flower that spreads more seeds.

It’s Cleanup Time helps make cleanup time more enjoyable and fun when working together.  This song lets students know that adults, Presidents, Queens and imaginary friends have cleanup time too.

The Worm Workout will have children listening for worms working out as they discriminate their left from their right and workout like the worms in this fun movement song.

Circus Parade Who doesn’t love the circus?  Children get to pretend that they are in center ring as they act out the circus stars’ performances.  Have a circus parade and let students choose their role in the parade.

Weather Walk is and Earth Science song that teaches about different weather conditions and the different tools to help with each weather condition.  Children act out going on a weather walk where they walk in the rain, drink water to deal with the heat and zip their coats up as they climb the mountain to see the snow on top.

Doin’ Good in the Neighborhood teaches children how important community helpers are to our neighborhoods and the specific jobs different community helpers perform.  Children can act out Doin’ Good in the Neighborhood and discuss which job they would like the most.

Real Smart Snakes has snakes helping to teach us about odd and even numbers.  Children can try to for the numbers with their bodies the way the snakes do and then spell out the word odd or even for the odd and even numbers.

4 Seasons takes us through the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall as children learn there are 4 seasons in a year.

We Share So Much celebrates each child’s uniqueness and diversity as we learn how we are each different yet the same in many important ways.  Use with themes of diversity, cooperative learning and friendship.